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Home Inspection Services in Ross Township PA

Are you planning to buy a home in Ross Township, PA, or the surrounding areas? If so, getting home inspection services should be your top priority.

Home inspections are thorough, non-invasive visual examinations of the property. Buying a house requires a huge amount of money as we know it. You might be investing your life-long savings into the property. Such a big investment should never be done without professional help. If you have a house that you see as your potential home, conduct a home inspection in Ross Township to get in-depth knowledge of the quality of the property.

At Kirschner Home Inspections, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced home inspectors. Our sole purpose for existence is to help new buyers with the home buying process. If you are worried about anything regarding your new home or the purchase process, Contact Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC right away. We will help ease your mind so that you can decide with confidence.

Find Certified Professional Home Inspector in Ross Township

Finding a home inspection company for your home inspection needs is easy in Ross Township. However, finding a home inspection company that offers a certified and trained home inspector is a rare sight. There is a huge difference in the quality of the work done by a certified professional home inspector and a non-certified inspector even if they are professional.

At Kirschner Home Inspections, we have a team of highly trained and Certified Professional Home Inspectors. Our professionals have been trained and certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors – InterNACHI. Being certified members of the association, we work in strict compliance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set by InterNACHI.

Another benefit of getting your home inspection conducted by certified professional home inspector is that the home inspection report will act as a marketing tool. If you are a seller, you can make use of our inspection report to sell your home quicker and with ease. InterNACHI-certified home inspectors are always held in high regard. The inspection that we conduct is always genuine. We never give away false information and produce detailed reports attached with high-quality photos. You can trust us with all your home inspection needs.

Contact Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC today, book an appointment, and sit back and relax while we inspect your home or the property you are interested in buying. Let us help you make confident decisions about your property purchase.

Why Choose Us for Home Inspection Services in Ross Township?

If you have been looking for a professional home inspector to conduct home inspection services in Ross Township, Bethel Park, Beaver Fall, or any of the surrounding areas, Kirschner Home Inspections is your one-stop solution for all your home inspection needs.

Our home inspectors are certified and well-trained professionals. We have received our certifications from InterNACHI. Being certified members of the association means that we work in strict compliance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set by InterNACHI. The home inspection report that we draw is detailed and comprehensive, and can also be used as a marketing tool by sellers.

Kirschner Home Inspections holds a reputation for being one of the most reputed home inspection companies in Pennsylvania. Our services are reliable and trustworthy. We do not charge huge amounts from our clients. We charge only what is reasonable. We focus on forging long-lasting relationships with our clients instead of building empires.

About Ross Township PA

Ross Township is a township in Pennsylvania in Allegheny County. It ranks amongst the top 50 best places to live in the United States of America. The crime rate in Ross Township is low and the place offers all the basic amenities to its residents. The public schools in Ross Township offer quality education, making this a good place for families to thrive.

Inspected with 100% care

  • Thorough inspection of the entire home
  • Primary focus on the major systems
  • Extra careful to prevent invasive action
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How It Works?

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Permission to Enter Property: The CLIENT is responsible for ensuring that the INSPECTOR has permission to enter the Inspected Property to perform the home inspection on the date scheduled. The INSPECTOR is not responsible for any disruption in the inspection process caused by construction, renovations, painting, cleaning, or any other activity occurring at the Inspected Property at the time of the inspection.

how it work

Schedule the Home Inspection

The Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC certified professional home inspector will perform the home inspection on the date and time as scheduled and agreed to. Upon scheduling the home inspection, Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC will send a Home Inspection Agreement to the Client’s email address. The Client will be responsible to supply the inspection address of the property, their contact information, and arrange permission for the CPI to access the property for inspection. The Home Inspection Agreement will include the price of the inspection. The inspection may be paid via cash, check or Paypal. A $10.00 fee is added for payment via Paypal.

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Checking Items Off The List

The Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC CPI will spend approximately 3-4 hours inspecting the major systems and permanently installed components of the home. Major areas of the home include interior rooms, basement, kitchen, roof, foundation, attic, HVAC, water heater, electrical, plumbing, bathrooms, laundry, grounds (walkway, driveway, patio, deck, grading, vegetation), and integral garage.

how it work

Provide A Detailed Report

Upon completion of the site home inspection, Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC will email the home inspection report within 24 hours. The report will be attached to the email or sent as a clickable link in the email. Size of the completed report determines the method of sending the home inspection report.

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