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Certified Professional Home Inspector

Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC is available to perform commercial inspections and residential inspections in Pennsylvania. Commercial inspections are performed in accordance with InterNACHI’s International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties. Our home inspections are performed in accordance with InterNACHI’ s Residential Standards of Practice (see video below) and InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics.

Home inspection provides a non-intrusive observation of the current (real-time) condition of the major systems of your future home. The inspection report documents these observations via text / pics and provides recommendations to address material defects (the home may not have any material defects as defined in the following sentence) and/or safety concerns (not all homes have safety concerns) found during the inspection. A material defect is defined as a condition which can have a significant adverse impact on value of the property and pose an unreasonable risk to people.

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    Our Certified Professional Home Inspector will perform a visual check-up of your property and prepare a detailed and comprehensive written report based on his findings. Material defects and safety items will be highlighted in the inspection report along with high-resolution photos. Rest assured that we will inspect major systems and components.


Inspected with 100% care

  • Thorough inspection of the entire home
  • Primary focus on the major systems
  • Extra careful to prevent invasive action
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How It Works?

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Permission to Enter Property: The CLIENT is responsible for ensuring that the INSPECTOR has permission to enter the Inspected Property to perform the home inspection on the date scheduled. The INSPECTOR is not responsible for any disruption in the inspection process caused by construction, renovations, painting, cleaning, or any other activity occurring at the Inspected Property at the time of the inspection.

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Schedule the Home Inspection

The Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC certified professional home inspector will perform the home inspection on the date and time as scheduled and agreed to. Upon scheduling the home inspection, Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC will send a Home Inspection Agreement to the Client’s email address. The Client will be responsible to supply the inspection address of the property, their contact information, and arrange permission for the CPI to access the property for inspection. The Home Inspection Agreement will include the price of the inspection. The inspection may be paid via cash, check or Paypal. A $10.00 fee is added for payment via Paypal.

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Checking Items Off The List

The Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC CPI will spend approximately 3-4 hours inspecting the major systems and permanently installed components of the home. Major areas of the home include interior rooms, basement, kitchen, roof, foundation, attic, HVAC, water heater, electrical, plumbing, bathrooms, laundry, grounds (walkway, driveway, patio, deck, grading, vegetation), and integral garage.

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Provide A Detailed Report

Upon completion of the site home inspection, Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC will email the home inspection report within 24 hours. The report will be attached to the email or sent as a clickable link in the email. Size of the completed report determines the method of sending the home inspection report.

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