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    About Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC

    Professional Home Inspector in Western Pennsylvania

    Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC is available to perform commercial inspections and residential inspections in Pennsylvania. Commercial inspections are performed in accordance with InterNACHI’s International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties. Our home inspections are performed in accordance with InterNACHI’ s Residential Standards of Practice (see video below) and InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics.

    • Residential Home Inspection
    • Commercial Property Inspection
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    Our Services

    Home Inspection Services Offered in Western Pennsylvania

    • Residential Home Inspection
    •  Pre-listing Inspection
    • 11-Month Warranty Inspection
    • Pre-Drywall Inspection
    • New Home Construction Inspection
    • Annual Home Maintenance Inspection
    • Detached Garage Inspection
    • Townhouse / Condominium Inspection
    • Multi-family Home Inspection
    • Commercial Property Inspection
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    Home Service
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    • Home Inspection Reports

      Our Certified Professional Home Inspector will perform a visual check-up of your property and prepare a detailed and comprehensive written report based on his findings. Material defects and safety items will be highlighted in the inspection report along with high-resolution photos. Rest assured that we will inspect major systems and components.


    Home Inspector

    Inspected with 100% care

    • Thorough inspection of the entire home
    • Primary focus on the major systems
    • Extra careful to prevent invasive action
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    How It Works?

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    Permission to Enter Property: The CLIENT is responsible for ensuring that the INSPECTOR has permission to enter the Inspected Property to perform the home inspection on the date scheduled. The INSPECTOR is not responsible for any disruption in the inspection process caused by construction, renovations, painting, cleaning, or any other activity occurring at the Inspected Property at the time of the inspection.

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    Schedule the Home Inspection

    The Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC certified professional home inspector will perform the home inspection on the date and time as scheduled and agreed to. Upon scheduling the home inspection, Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC will send a Home Inspection Agreement to the Client’s email address. The Client will be responsible to supply the inspection address of the property, their contact information, and arrange permission for the CPI to access the property for inspection. The Home Inspection Agreement will include the price of the inspection. The inspection may be paid via cash, check or Paypal.

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    Checking Items Off The List

    The Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC CPI will spend approximately 3-4 hours inspecting the major systems and permanently installed components of the home. Major areas of the home include interior rooms, basement, kitchen, roof, foundation, attic, HVAC, water heater, electrical, plumbing, bathrooms, laundry, grounds (walkway, driveway, patio, deck, grading, vegetation), and integral garage.

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    Provide A Detailed Report

    Upon completion of the site home inspection, Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC will email the home inspection report within 24 hours. The report will be attached to the email or sent as a clickable link in the email. Size of the completed report determines the method of sending the home inspection report.

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    • Excellent inspection was completed by Charles Kirschner. He explained everything he did, he answered all my questions, and he provide a comprehensive written report. He delivered a very valuable product. He identified current concerns about the house and he explained how to prevent minor defects from becoming major future concerns.

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      Stanley Z.
    • Charles was able to squeeze me in within a day of me calling. He was very prompt arriving to the home that needed inspected and VERY thorough. I believe my inspection write up was about ninety pages- and he got that back to me in less than 48 hours. I’ll be recommending him to everyone I know! Thank you SO much again!

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      Mahogany H.
    • Chuck was amazing!! We are first time home buyers and had lots of questions. He answered them all and walked us through the whole process. I walked through the house with Chuck as he did the inspection, as he advised and he was informative on any issues we saw and offered tips.

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      Amber W.
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    Worried about your home's quality and the indoor living quality? Book Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC Certified Professional Home Inspector based in Western Pennsylvania, and rest easy.

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    Home Inspection Services Offered in Western Pennsylvania

    Western PA Service Areas

    Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC delivers home inspection services in Western, PA, by a certified professional home inspector. Rest assured that we will check every corner of your home and find out if anything is wrong.

    Choose A Certified Professional Home Inspector based in Moon Township

    Are you looking for a professional home inspection in Moon Township, PA, and the surrounding areas? If so, Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC is your one-stop solution for all your home inspection needs.

    At Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC, the certified professional inspector’s certifications are provided by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors – InterNACHI, the largest home inspection association in the world. The biggest benefit of being certified is that our home inspector performs work in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set by the association.

    The certified professional home inspector is well versed in the art of home inspection and skilled and capable to perform inspections of all home system and components permanently installed in the home.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding services, feel free to contact the certified home inspector (CPI) via call or email, to assist you with all your questions and concerns.

    Home Inspection
    Inspection Team

    Why Choose us for a Home Inspection in Moon Township / Western PA?

    There are numerous home inspection companies in Pennsylvania. So, what makes Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC stand out and is a wise choice for your inspection service? There are actually a number of reasons why you should choose Kirschner Home Inspections over other home inspection companies.

    • One of the most respected home inspection associations. Our home inspector in Moon Township, PA, has received his certification and training by InterNACHI – one of the most respected home inspection associations in the United States. The inspector works in compliance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set by the association.

    • Our home inspector is professional and has significant knowledge, experience and training. He is skilled and capable of performing any home inspection.

    • Our home inspection services are reliable and trustworthy. A detailed written report of the home inspection and its findings are provided within 24 hours after the completion of the inspection.

    • Our services are quite affordable and deliver a seamless experience. We believe in building long-lasting relationships, not an empire.

    Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC is enrolled in InterNACHI’s “Buy Back Guarantee” Program. The Guarantee may be honored for up to 90 days after closing.

    Upon completion of your home inspection, if present, you will be given a personal hard copy of “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection”.  This book is full of  valuable information that will help you keep your home safe and in tip top condition for years to come.



    Benefits of a Home Inspection from Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC

    Although a home inspection can be carried out by other home inspectors, your inspection performed by our Certified Professional Inspector will yield a comprehensive inspection report with above average details and photographic documentation of the home inspection performance.  So, what are the benefits?

    The home inspection will be performed in a methodical manner which captures overall and closeup photos of material defects and safety concerns.

    Your home inspection report will have approximately 200 to 400 photos.

    A majority of the photos will have captions with custom comments. Captions are provided to explain the issues of concern and are highlighted in the photos as necessary to convey a clear understanding of the concern(s).

    Recommendations are offered to assist in addressing resolution of most concern(s). Some issues may be referred for further evaluation and repairs / replacement by a professional structural engineer, licensed electrician, certified plumber, qualified HVAC company, masonry contractor, etc.

    Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC is well-established, our customer base provides additional leads for home inspections. This shows that we can be trusted with home inspections. Our pricing is very competitive and you will receive high value via the comprehensive home inspection report transmitted to your email.

    Inspection Team